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Joseba Sarrionaindia

He was born in Iurreta (Bizkaia, Basque Country) in 1958. He studied Basque Filology and he has been Fonetic teacher in the UNED (Spanish Distance University). His first writes were written in Pott, Zeruko Argia, Anaitasuna, Jakin, Oh Euzkadi, Ibaizabal and Egin.
His first book was Izuen Gordelekuan Barrena (Into the hid place of the fears) a poem collection. In 1980 was prisoned for being an ETA's (basque liberation army) soldier. In 1085 he scaped from prison in the San Fermin day (very significant day in the Basque Country, because of the fiesta in Pamplona. Since then he is all around the world writting books, poems and differents writes.
- Narrazioak (Narrations)
- Atabala eta euria (The drum and the rain)
- Ifar aldeko orduak (Times from the North)
- Ez gara geure baitakoak (We aren't of ourselves)
- Han izanik hona naiz (Being there here I am)
- Ni ez naiz hemengoa (I'm not from here) ---> written into the jail
- Marginalia (Marginalia) --->first book scaped from prison (has very emotive letters to his friends and a story from Christmas away his home)
- Kartzeleko poemak  (Poem's of the jail)
- Marinel zaharrak (The olds sailors)
- Hnuy illa nyha majah yahoo
- Hitzen ondoeza (The bad feeling of the words)

- Izkiriaturik aurkitu ditudan ene poemak (Written I have found my poems)
- Hezurrezko xirulak (bone flauts)
- Wast Land
- Marinela (The sailor)
- T.S. Elliot euskeraz (T.S. Elliot in basque)